Parasites analysis Products


TrichinEasy Cod. 90060
TrichinEasy is a dedicated system made to automate as much as possible the meat inspection against Trichinella and similes parassites.
Voltage: 85/250Vac ± 10% 60/65 Hz
Temperature: from +10°C to +40°C
Max relative humidity: 85%
Max sample: 100 g/run
Size: 55 x 35 x 45 cm
Weight: 22,5 kg

Download PDF TrichinEasy for Trichinella procedure

Download PDF TrichinEasy for Anisakis procedure
Download brochure PDF TrichinEasy for Anisakis

Download PDF A rapid procedure for Food Business Operators to assess marketability

Download PDF TrichinEasy quando l’Anisakis c’è e si vede Fonte: EUROFISHMARKET

Watch the VIDEO TrichinEasy procedure
PLYtricons-Anisakis Cod. 12070
Anisakis analysis kit includes:
HCl, Pepsin, a pair of plastic forceps.
PI and eyhanol can be requested optionally.
PLYtricons Cod. 12060
Trichinella analysis kit includes:
HCl, pre-dosed Pepsin, membrane filters, a pair of plastic forceps, dishes and two different reagents for fluorescence staining of the potentially parasites presence.
Microscope and PC
Microscope and PC Cod. 90200
Fluorescence microscope, dedicated PC.


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